Don't let hard water ruin your hair and skin.

Remember how your hair and skin felt different on holiday? Maybe it's the sun. Maybe it's the mood.

Or maybe it's the different water.

For the body

Dry, itchy skin?

Meet Body Duo.

Shower Filter reduces unwanted minerals, heavy metals and chlorine.

Nourishing Micronutrient Wash removes hard water deposits and restores skin hydration.

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Hard water leaves behind soap scum, a residue of soap and minerals that settle on the skin. Soap scum can sap away moisture, giving you 'tight-feeling' skin after showers.

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For the scalp

Scalp & hair buildup?

Meet Scalp Trio.

Shower Filter reduces unwanted minerals, heavy metals and chlorine.

Clarifying Scalp Soak removes buildup from hard water, product residue, and everyday pollution.

Exfoliating Scalp Brush removes dead skin cells.

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Calcium in hard water can block scalp follicles, in return, affecting the hair's integrity. The alkalinity in hard water can disrupt the scalp's acidic pH, making it prone to irritation.

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  • My hair felt softer with the first filtered wash.

  • One of my favourite products of all time.

  • A great way to prevent mineral buildup from dulling your hair colour.

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Wash & Learn

Answers to our most frequently asked questions around skin and hair issues caused by hard water.

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Suffering from body acne? Eczema? Or an itchy scalp? We uncover the causes, connection to hard water and how to care.