About us

We make showercare essentials for hard water. Our goal is to fix the root of your skin and hair sorrows by empowering you to shower smarter.

We get hard water.

"Living as an expat for the past 10 years meant that skin and hair drama followed my every move.

It took me a while to find out that hard water was the culprit. My products remained the same, the only change was the water I showered in, which caused me dryness, irritation, and more.

That's why I started Hello Klean."

- Karlee Ozener (Founder)

We promise three things.

Reduce unwanted minerals, remove follicle-clogging buildup and restore hair and skin balance.

Multi-functioning shower essentials.

Not haircare, bodycare, or skincare.

We look at the hard water issue from your perspective, and create solutions to supplement your routine.

Showercare essentials for hard water.

Who is Hello Klean for?

  • Congested scalps which feels itchy, irritated and dry.

  • Dry skin which feels irritated and red after a hot shower.

  • Hair that feel weighed down, brassy, and dehydrated.

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Here's our ethics.

We formulate WITHOUT the EU's prohibited substances list (Regulation No.1223/2009, Annex II)

Our products are NEVER tested on animals.

All products are trialled on ALL hair and skin types.

We REDUCE single plastic usage where possible.

Our manufacturing partners holds BRC, SEDEX and ISO4001 certifications, which are global frameworks ensuring ethical standards and integrity across product safety, quality and worker conditions.