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Body Duo

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The Body Duo targets dryness, irritation, and sensitivity caused by minerals, heavy metals, and chemicals in hard water.

Included products: Shower Filter & Nourishing Micronutrient Wash

Shower Filter

KDF 55 and Calcium Sulphite helps reduce chlorine, copper, iron and lead in hard water.

The refillable, aluminium filter uses 70% less plastic compared to most brands on the market.

A chic tool for your bathroom, the filter is refillable and can be installed in just two minutes

Nourishing Micronutrient Wash

The Nourishing Micronutrient Wash is a bi-phase body cleanser.

Activated into a rich foam with one quick shake, the formula's chelating complex removes hard water residue while the micronutrient blend supports a hydrated skin barrier.

Dermatologically tested, pH optimised and proven to boost hydration up to 5 hours.

How to use

Shower Filter: unscrew the hose from the tap, attach the Shower Filter, then reattach the cord.

Nourishing Micronutrient Wash: Shake and pump into palm. Massage for 30 seconds to activate the micronutrients. Rinse thoroughly.

  • Nourishing Micronutrient Wash

    A clinical study on 12 subjects living in a hard water area showed improved hydration up to 5 hours after single use, while continuous application increased skin elasticity after 2 weeks.

  • Shower Filter

    Lab reports showed that the filter:

    Reduces +90% of chlorine.

    Reduces water-soluble minerals.

    Reduces rust and odour.

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How to use: step by step

  • One of my favourite products of all time. It quickly detoxifies your scalp, without stripping it of moisture.

  • This hard-water filter attachment is also a great way to prevent mineral buildup from dulling your hair colour.

  • The filter helps to reduce impurities from the water, which can lead to faded hair color, scalp irritation, and sensitive skin.

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